Access files on a Mac OS disk from Windows


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MacDrive is a very interesting solution for accessing a hard disk or disk partition in which the operating system is Macintosh.

Windows is unable to see Mac OS partitions on its own, even if they are on the same disk, so you have to find external applications such as this one to do so.

The program lets you access a Mac disk or partition as if it were a regular one. The operations the user can then carry out are the same as with any device: copy, cut or eliminate files.

MacDrive adapts the names, the extensions, and the icons of the different documents to Windows, so you won’t have any problems when working with them.

On the other hand, it lets you make security copies of these units' contents on compact discs.

Plus, this tool lets you create, eliminate and format Mac disk partitions.

Trial version good for less than one week.

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